fredag den 14. august 2015

The upstart

Hello out there
I have started this blog to show the world a city in Denmark, I will walk around the town to take pictures and write some blogs about the thing that happens in Aalborg.
I will try to post every week, but I am not allways in Aalborg every week and there are so many events in Aalborg, that I can´t be at them Aalborg, but I will try.

The first thing I like to share with you are a movie. Beauty of Aalborg

The little video is giving a little impression about the harbor and a park area in the centrum part of Aalborg.
So I hope that you will enjoy it as most as I did making it.

The following picture is taken near that tower.
I will take more picture from that place, because of the high and great look out over the city.

I will return to post some more picture.
So see you next time.

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