lørdag den 29. august 2015

Colorful Aalborg

Color Run 2015

They said that Aalborg could not be more happier.
Then came the Color Run to Aalborg and they were wrong.

5 km of walking, running and colors.
People were full with joy.

 The happiness of color were finally in Aalborg for the first time.
Joy and Happines combine in a colorful party, but it did also bring out people to enjoy a walk or run.
I didn´t have many photes from the run, because I were one of the runners.
When I ran the 5 km, I found out, that people couldn´t run all the way, so many choose to walk.

With all my joy I tried to peeptalk people to run and some people did ran with for a while.
But even if people didn´t ran 5 km, they were still happy and fill will joy and colors

Enjoy the photos.
Those photos is only part of all the photos I took. 500 photos from this day.

Just look at that happiness.
Smile and the world will smile back at you.

Thanks to all those people on the photos for the joy and happiness.

And a Speciel thanks to Dennis for trying the Shine to be so Shining.

Thank you Aalborg for be so colorful this year.

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