lørdag den 29. august 2015

Colorful Aalborg

Color Run 2015

They said that Aalborg could not be more happier.
Then came the Color Run to Aalborg and they were wrong.

5 km of walking, running and colors.
People were full with joy.

tirsdag den 18. august 2015

Absalon in Aalborg

Between 14 - 16 August Aalborg had a visit from one of the Navy's frigates Absalon, the ship was docked, allowing visitors on board to see the ship within. However, the queue was very long in order to enter the vessel, so I chose to take a few pictures outside instead, which I will share with you.

søndag den 16. august 2015

A Sunday walk in Øster Anlæg

This is one of the parks I visit most, therefore you also can expect that in the future, that I will show more pictures from there.

fredag den 14. august 2015

The upstart

Hello out there
I have started this blog to show the world a city in Denmark, I will walk around the town to take pictures and write some blogs about the thing that happens in Aalborg.
I will try to post every week, but I am not allways in Aalborg every week and there are so many events in Aalborg, that I can´t be at them Aalborg, but I will try.